To be an institution; free of any forms of discrimination which empowers a child to explore his/her potential to the fullest and to equip with the necessary skills for a decent life as environmentally and socially responsible citizen.

Seven Key Points

Vajra Academy is directed by the seven key points as its main guideline document.

  • Goal

The goal of education in the Vajra Academy is to educate students in a way that will make them competent, healthy, happy and high performing graduates.

  • Curriculum

The school’s curriculum is dynamic and flexible although it follows the Nepal government’s curriculum of Curriculum Development Center.

The curriculum is focused on the development of the seven R’s: reading, writing, arithmetic, responsibilities, religion, relationship, and rights.

Extra subject we have developed as a specialty is Green Studies which focusses on the learning of the environment and all elements associated with it.

The teacher to student ration is less than 1:25

  • Pedagogy

Teaching and learning is student-centered with personalized attention for each student.

Opportunities are created to develop the student’s identity.

There is no discrimination of caste, gender or religion

There is a strong focus on innovative teaching aids and methods in which students and teachers alike are challenged to used their creativity and fantasy and in which knowledge is not only taught but also discovered.

  • Staff training

Workshops and counseling sessions for teachers and staffs are organized regularly

  • Development of social attitude

The social attitude of all students, teachers and parents is enhanced by first hand involvement in social activities in projects from Vajra Foundation and other organizations.

  • Environment

A clean, green and eco-friendly environment is an important goal.  

  • Quality Progress

Quality education is continuously enhanced by watchful planning and evaluation.