Boarding Facility “A home away from home”:

The school runs a residential facility that can accommodate upto 100 students (50 Boys, 50 Girls). The students living in the hostel feel at home with caring staffs, trained and experienced teachers for personal guidance, sports coaches, medical staffs and counselors. The acceptance in the boarding facility is highly checked to ensure that a child does get to stay with parents to the extent possible. But, for the ones who make through the admissions, the child will holistically develop into a responsible leader.  The boarding includes following facilities available for children.

  • All the amenities such as personal lockers, single beds, hygienic and clean dormitories, proper study hall are given to the students.
  • Dining Facilities:

All meals are prepared keeping in mind the hygienic conditions by a certified Chef. The Kitchen Supervisor takes good care, to make sure that each child is served well at all meal times. Both vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals are served.

The children will get five well balanced and nutritious meals daily. Sick children are given special diet suitable to the illness they are suffering from.

Seasonal fruits and vegetables are provided as and when available in the market.

The children will be served vegetables grown organically in the school’s kitchen garden.

 Technically filtered clean water is provided to keep the children safe from water borne diseases.

  • Sports training:

Special sports training development is provided for the hostel children for healthy development and developing sportsmanship. Swimming is compulsory for all with exceptions for pupils having special medical cases. 

  • Academic development:

The school takes care of the academic development of the students seriously. We have trained teachers at the residence to support the needy students with support they might need.

  • Medical Care:

First aid treatment is available in school. The children are given immediate and prompt medical attention to diagnose their illness at the onset of any sign or symptom. In case of serious ailments parents are immediately informed. While every care is taken to prevent accidents, the management will not be liable for injuries sustained by the pupil or any untoward eventualities which may occur in the course of everyday activities.

Other involvements

Special planned outings, celebrations of special days like Children’s day, teacher’s day, field trips, hiking and picnic are organized in addition to the school’s regular programs. Similarly, involvement of residential students in the sustainable farming will also be carried out apart from school’s lessons.

Day- scholars:

  • Transportation:

A safe and secure transportation facility is available in different routes. The buses are safe and for small kids also has safety belts. Transportation facility is available upon request even in new routes.

  • Lunch:

A healthy, hygienic kitchen with a trained and a certified Chef run by the school itself provides meals, lunch to the students.

The kitchen is modern with its own baking facilities as well and has a routine of healthy nutritious menu for all the children.

  • Co-curricular Activities:

  • Scouting
  • Eco-club
  • Peace Council
  • Robotics
  • Student Council
  • Literature Club
  • Abacus
  • Bee-keeping (Khusi Mahuri Club)
  • Herbal Gardening
  • 5S Club (Special Sanitation Club)
  • Debate
  • Quiz
  • Art and Crafts
  • Public Speaking
  • Yoga and Meditation
  • Exhibitions and Presentations
  • Spelling Contests
  • Creative Writing
  • Clay-work
  • Friends of Zoo Club

  • Extra Curricular Activities:
  • Art and Crafts (Elective)
  • Music (From Pre-school above)
  • Dance (From Pre-school above)
  • Swimming
  • Volleyball
  • Football
  • Athletics
  • Martial Arts
  • Computer Programming
  • Event Management
  • Theatre Arts
  • Student Counseling:

One to one counseling for the students to assist in the learning or any other issues is available by trained faculty.

  • Laboratory and Library:

The school has computer laboratory, science laboratory and a well-equipped laboratory to promote hands-on learning experience for the pupils.

  • Clean Water drinking supply

Students are provided with clean and filtered, tested water supply.

  • Petting farm

The school proudly owns its own petting farm having the collections of various birds and animals kept as pets. These are for the practical learning for students while students also learn to take its care.

  • Personal Improvement Plan (PIP):

To ensure the success of each individual student, a personal Improvement Plan (PIP) is done either upon request by the student, parent or by the recommendation of teacher. PIP is generally made to discuss in detail to solve a particular problem or to help students progress in any areas of their strength.

Scholarship Provision

There is a provision of need and merit-based scholarships which is categorized in the boarders and non-boarders category. Partial scholarships are available for which applications are called and selected by an independent committee.