Currently, the School will be having classes from Pre-school to class III which will be upgraded every year. The School will follow the Play-Way Method in Pre-school and from Class I onwards we will follow the SLC Board Curriculum. English will be the medium of instruction and Nepali is taught as Second Language. The curriculum will include innovative classroom learning which will emphasis more on learning and not on teaching. Individualised Instruction will be adapted to meet the specific learning needs of each child.

Subjects offered:

1.      English

2.      Nepali

3.      Mathematics

4.      Science

5.      Social Studies (History, Economics, Culture, Geography etc.)

6.      Environmental Science

7.      Computer

8.      Physical Education

9.      Art and Craft

10. Value Education

11. General Knowledge

12. Green Studies (a course of global perspectives, life-skills, alternative energy and practices, local practices and many more.)

Co-/extra curricular activities:

The followings are the major co-/ extra curricular activities;

Games and Sports

Football, basketball, badminton, athletics and table tennis and other Indoor games are provided for the students’ physical development and inculcating team spirit.

Stage Activities

Public Speaking in the form of elocution, singing and dancing, dramatics, quizzes for building up their confidence in order to face the challenging world.

Art and Craft

Painting, Drawing, Craft work, Competitions and Exhibitions.


Guitar and Keyboard are taught by professionals

Outdoor Activities

Excursion, Field trip, Trekking

Social Service

Visit to various social organisations, doing charity work are part and parcel of the school curriculum.


The school year is divided into three terms. Written exams are held at the end of each Term and a report on each child’s performance is sent to the parents. Apart from the end of Term tests and reports, special graded cards are forwarded to the parents occasionally during the academic year class tests. Answer scripts will not be made available to parents.