1. Green School

We call our school a green school for two following reasons:

  • Sustainable Infrastructure and campus.

The school is solar thermal powered to cook its food, to heat water using its Solar Steam Kitchen system, also first of its kind installation to promote use of clean energy. It houses animal farms, petting farm, uses the organic waste to produce bio-gas and to produce organic foods and vegetables in the school premises itself, harvests water from the rooftop. Moreover, we have also used electric buses in order to promote clean technology.

  • Green Curriculum

We believe, nature is the greatest classroom, so we try to integrate our lessons with the nature. This is to develop empathy towards our earth at the same time make learning fun and utilize the outdoors to help students learn actively. We believe the pupils who learn to enjoy in nature and learn through it develop creativity and responsibility to take its care.

2. Changemaker school

Nepal’s first ASHOKA Changemaker School recognized since 2016 AD. It is one of the 260 school all over the world as you can see in the map here. The school’s endeavors since 2007 was recognized by ASHOKA as integrating the changemaker elements of Empathy, Leadership, Creative Problem Solving and Teamwork in the learning at the academy.

3. Waldorf School:

Vajra Academy was the first school to have adopted “Environment” as its main theme, so we are the first green school of Nepal. We have been following “Steiner Education”  also known as “Waldorf education” philosophy in our own context. It focuses on the holistic development of a child including pupil’s intellectual, artistic and practical skills in an integrated manner. 

What does it mean for your child to study in a Changemaker School?

It means that Vajra Academy focuses on the holistic development of your child beyond the academics. Your child receives personal attention to develop the leadership potential to enable them to explore their own talents as well as to develop as a responsible contributing leader to solve the community problems.

In summary, we believe in the potential of the children, we believe in their ability to bring about change in the community and inspire the larger community across borders.

It means your child will understand the local needs and also develop as a responsible global citizen.

The network of the schools around the globe becomes the learner’s community wherever they go in the world, it increases the chance of student leaders, alumni to create a larger impact.

To know more about ASHOKA foundation, click here.